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LaptopMoney Post27 - What You Need to Know About Online Gambling in the State of New York

What You Need to Know About Online Gambling in the State of New York

Online gambling is legal in the state of New York. However, you should be aware of the specific requirements to do so. Historically, the state has been quite strict when it comes to gambling laws. We will guide you through the most important points.

Online gambling

Several top-quality gambling sites accept registrations from New York citizens. Among those, our team at Piora NYC suggests Bovada, Wild Casino and Bet Online, as they offer a broad range of games, enticing bonuses and secure transactions.


postID12 online gambling - What You Need to Know About Online Gambling in the State of New York

In terms of the actual laws, it is not prohibited to gamble online in New York, but it is illegal for online casinos to operate from the state. Given that, you must always be sure that, besides being licensed and regulated, the casino operators you choose do not run their activities in New York.

There is an endless range of fun, trustworthy and cutting-edge online casinos you can choose from. And there is not a single type of game you won’t be able to access in the state. You just have to look for the right platforms.

Will New York follow the lead of New Jersey and create a regulated online casino system that is run intrastate? Only time will tell. But with the gradual legalization of more types of land-based gambling, it seems logical that online regulations will also become less severe in the future.

To learn more about the subject, take a look at a timeline with the most important gambling laws in New York.


Gambling is banned in the state for the first time.


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All types of gambling are banned in New York, as well as many other states. There was a nationwide anti-gambling movement.


Pari-mutuel betting, a system based on a money pool, is legalized.


The intrastate New York State Lottery is created.



Native American casinos are allowed in the state. The first one opened in the same year. There are now several Native American-administered casinos in New York.


Federal law regulates that all online gambling sites operated from New York must be banned. New ones are prevented to start operating.


Casinos endorsed by the state are legalized. The measure was established as a way to aid the development of Upstate New York.



postID12 sports betting - What You Need to Know About Online Gambling in the State of New York

A new bill is awaiting approval to allow sports betting at the commercial casinos in the state.

The status of gambling laws in New York is constantly changing. And we will keep paying close attention.

PokerChipsMoney Post25 - 3 Things You Should Know About the New Sports Betting Bill in New York

3 Things You Should Know About the New Sports Betting Bill in New York

Just two weeks into this year, the state of New York already had a pre-filed bill on sports betting. The goal of the responsible committee in introducing it is permitting sports bets to be operated at the four commercial casinos in the state.

The structure of the bill is very similar to a previous failed attempt to allow sports betting led by the former chair of the committee, John Bonacic.

The new bill


postID11 SB17 - 3 Things You Should Know About the New Sports Betting Bill in New York

The SB17 bill allows sports betting in the state on both mobile and land-based casinos. It also permits that the gaming commission shares information with other North-American states in order to monitor integrity.

The SB17 bill proposes a tax of 0.2% to professional sports leagues and a fee of 8.5% on the gross revenue from the bets.

A rather odd aspect of the proposed bill is the requirement for players to register their mobile betting accounts in person. This is something that will much likely be proven inefficient due to its inherent inconvenience.

Gamblers who reside in the southern part of the state will especially encounter difficulties.


The state of New York has been known for its strict legislation on gambling. And even with this potential relaxation in gambling laws, the overall scene is not much different.


Out of all the seven states in the country that legalized sports betting during the year 2018, not a single one required a royalty fee nor that the bets resort to official data.

Those are two significant roadblocks in the journey to pass the SB17 bill because several stakeholders are opposed to one or both the requirements.

The House

Even if the new bill passes smoothly in the Senate, which is unlikely, the chairman of the gaming committee in the House, Gary Pretlow, will definitely pose a threat. He is famously known for never having passed a sports betting bill. He seems to not have changed his mind.

Only time will be able to tell the outcome of the new sports betting bill in the state of New York.

DiningTableCutlery Post23 - The Top 2 Tasting Menus to Try in New York

The Top 2 Tasting Menus to Try in New York

On a previous article, we went through the best new restaurants in New York. They are the perfect dining solution if you are looking for a classy but affordable experience.

You can rest assured that the majority of the cash you bring with you to your gambling trip can be saved for the slots and the tables once you get to the casinos.

But if what you want is to flaunt your winnings after a successful streak in the gambling rooms, of course, New York caters for you too. Take a look at the top two upscale tasting menus in the state.

Momofuku Ko

The Momofuku Ko is agreed upon among many food spot enthusiasts to be the absolute best tasting room in the entire state of New York. To embark in this culinary experience, you actually need to save a bit of money.


Prices per person are around 250 dollars. The team behind this dining spot is superb.

The executive chef, Sean Gray, oversees everything behind the counter night in, night out. He and his team consistently provide one of the most innovative tasting menus you can find anywhere.

Unlike most tasting rooms in the state, at the Momofuku Ko, the influences for the dishes come from all types of different gastronomies around the world.

If you don’t want to spend very much on a full-on tasting experience, you can opt for the à la carte alternative and choose what you want to try. It is one of the best gourmets deals in New York.z

Chef’s Table

The new facilities for this tasting room are located in Manhattan and are much larger and more inviting. Chef César Ramirez runs the operations. Get ready to know about the prices. They are significantly higher than at the Momofuku Ko. From 395 dollars upwards.


postID10 Manhattan - The Top 2 Tasting Menus to Try in New York

But making money while gambling is the main reason why you are planning your trip to New York. If you get lucky at the casinos around town, you will surely have more than enough to enjoy this one-of-a-kind tasting experience.

It is certainly a pleasure to watch the skilled team of cooks come up with highly creative twists to some of the most widely beloved gourmet options. These include lobster, truffles, beef and countless others.

Just as New York casinos have options suited to every type of gambler, the state also has the best alternatives for every type of foodie.

ChairGlassTable Post21 - The 2 Best New Restaurants in New York

The 2 Best New Restaurants in New York

At Piora NYC, we give you all the tips so that New York can be the perfect gambling destination for your well-deserved vacation. Across the state, you can find every form of entertainment you can think of.

Your trip won’t be just about gambling. Just imagine. Before you go out on a night of fun, placing bets and scooping jackpots, you can enjoy the best food menus and dining atmospheres at some of the hottest restaurants around.


postID09 nyc vacation - The 2 Best New Restaurants in New York

Sure, casino resorts are packed with amazing restaurants, such as the ones you can find at the spots that made our list of the five best entertainment resorts in the state. But if you are looking for something different, here are the best new restaurants in New York.

Crown Shy

The Crown Shy is located in the financial district and the feel is fittingly luxurious. The restaurant flaunts giant windows and high ceilings. It’s the perfect place for you to celebrate after hitting a big jackpot at one of the many casinos in the state.


postID09 crown shy - The 2 Best New Restaurants in New York

Or even to start the evening on a great note so that you feel classy and confident during your gambling endeavors afterwards.

The delicious menu is guaranteed to impress everyone. And while the overall mood is definitely upscale, most dishes are surprisingly affordable and will cost you less than 20 dollars.

Although it welcomes many visitors, the ample space in Crown Shy allows for it to never feel crowded.

Au Cheval

The Au Cheval has been a tremendous success in its original city of Chicago. It is famously known to serve some of the absolute best burgers in the entire country. It’s no wonder that many people have already visited the new Au Cheval space in New York. Others are dying to eat there.


Believe us when we tell you that you will definitely not feel hungry after leaving this food spot. Every burger is delicious and pure top-quality. The low lighting makes Au Cheval feel like a trendy night club.

As so many people are eager to try it out, we recommend you get there early. Worry not. You can have a great time waiting for a table while you sip on amazing cocktails in the bar downstairs.

Other incredible new restaurants in New York include The Fly, the Fiaschetteria Pistoia and the Momofuku Noodle Bar.

All of these sophisticated and affordable restaurants guarantee that you won’t have to spend much of the cash you win from gambling to have an amazing dining experience in New York. Use that cash for your next casino tour the following day.

SlotMachine Post19 - The Top 5 Casinos and Entertainment Resorts in New York

The Top 5 Casinos and Entertainment Resorts in New York

New York is the undisputed world capital of entertainment. As such, you can find some incredible casino resorts in the state. Check out five of the best places for you to gamble, which as New York page explains, are the absolute best options for NY residents.

Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino


The Seneca Buffalo Creek is located in Brooklyn and is simply one of the most popular casinos in New York. It is a fantastic gambling destination for anyone who enjoys placing some bets since it offers practically every type of gambling and betting options you can think of.

The Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino boasts a remarkable collection of over 1000 slot machines, as well as 30 different table games.

Saratoga Casino and Hotel


postID08 hotel - The Top 5 Casinos and Entertainment Resorts in New York

One of the top advantages of the Saratoga Casino and Hotel is that it offers a broad range of installations, services and activities for you to make the most out of your gambling experience. It is a great potential destination for your next vacation, one that is both fun and fancy.

Everything at this casino resort contributes to the perfect ambience for you to feel comfortable and get ready to gamble. Guests can enjoy a variety of over 100 rooms and suites, besides several entertainment venues and dancing halls.

Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort


This first-class casino resort, located in the North Country, is arguably one of the best entertainment centers in the state of New York. The gambling collection is absolutely massive and includes more than 18,000 slot games, as well as a table selection with over 30 different options.

The Akwesasne Mohawk provides you with the timeless casino experience you have been waiting for. Meanwhile, all the gambling innovations and game variations you can find gives it an outstanding modern touch.

Del Lago Resort & Casino

This spectacular casino and entertainment resort bring you the type of stuff you envision in your most luxurious dreams. The Del Lago Resort & Casino goes for a more classy and sophisticated touch.


postID08 resort and casino - The Top 5 Casinos and Entertainment Resorts in New York

The wide array of facilities and entertainment options at the Del Lago Resort will astonish you. There are more than 200 elegant rooms, many top-class restaurants and several bars.

When it comes to the gambling floors, the offer is just as impressive.

You can gamble at almost 2000 slot and poker machines, and try your luck at 85 stake tables. The Del Lago Resort & Casino guarantees 360-degrees of class and fun.

Jake’s 58 Hotel & Casino

At Jake’s 58, the hotel and the casino are absolutely fabulous. You won’t be able to decide which one is better. This top-notch gambling destination is located perfectly, as it is served by the Long Island Expressway.

It is one of the best casinos in the state of New York in terms of access. And of course, also in terms of all the hotel and gambling offers.

The hotel has almost 250 rooms ready to accommodate guests. The complex spreads across a very large area, with many rooms for the most varied purposes, which enhances the feeling of a massive and multifaceted gambling environment.

Now that you know them, which of the five will be your first gambling destination in the state?