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The Top 2 Tasting Menus to Try in New York

On a previous article, we went through the best new restaurants in New York. They are the perfect dining solution if you are looking for a classy but affordable experience.

You can rest assured that the majority of the cash you bring with you to your gambling trip can be saved for the slots and the tables once you get to the casinos.

But if what you want is to flaunt your winnings after a successful streak in the gambling rooms, of course, New York caters for you too. Take a look at the top two upscale tasting menus in the state.

Momofuku Ko

The Momofuku Ko is agreed upon among many food spot enthusiasts to be the absolute best tasting room in the entire state of New York. To embark in this culinary experience, you actually need to save a bit of money.


Prices per person are around 250 dollars. The team behind this dining spot is superb.

The executive chef, Sean Gray, oversees everything behind the counter night in, night out. He and his team consistently provide one of the most innovative tasting menus you can find anywhere.

Unlike most tasting rooms in the state, at the Momofuku Ko, the influences for the dishes come from all types of different gastronomies around the world.

If you don’t want to spend very much on a full-on tasting experience, you can opt for the à la carte alternative and choose what you want to try. It is one of the best gourmets deals in New York.z

Chef’s Table

The new facilities for this tasting room are located in Manhattan and are much larger and more inviting. Chef César Ramirez runs the operations. Get ready to know about the prices. They are significantly higher than at the Momofuku Ko. From 395 dollars upwards.


postID10 Manhattan - The Top 2 Tasting Menus to Try in New York

But making money while gambling is the main reason why you are planning your trip to New York. If you get lucky at the casinos around town, you will surely have more than enough to enjoy this one-of-a-kind tasting experience.

It is certainly a pleasure to watch the skilled team of cooks come up with highly creative twists to some of the most widely beloved gourmet options. These include lobster, truffles, beef and countless others.

Just as New York casinos have options suited to every type of gambler, the state also has the best alternatives for every type of foodie.